Going back to New Orleans to photograph the blessing and union of Mamadou and Brandy brought back memories of my own wedding 15 years ago in this bustling city.  Rich with culture, a-ma-zing food, and music that carries you into the night, New Orleans, affectionately referred to as N'awlins, is a great place to unite and celebrate the blessing of two lives becoming one.  Set in the midst of the McKenna Museum of African American Art, the walls were adorned with images that depicted the impact on the African American culture, telling stories of adversity, unity, victory and creativity of so many dedicated and driven individuals. 

Love, laughter and tears filled the atmosphere as family and friends gathered around Mamadou & Brandy in a simple but powerful ceremony to pray over the couple and bless their union.  The celebration would not have been complete without the traditional Cajun & Creole cuisine, tasty treats, an opportunity to showcase the latest dance moves and the iconic second line band to mark the end of the night.  We hope that you enjoy some of the images captured throughout the day.  Many blessings to Mamadou & Brandy!!  Laissez les bon temps rouler!!!