Whether you’re the traditional couple that wants to catch the first glimpse of your bride or groom as they come down the aisle, or the couple that likes to break from the norm and get a sneak peek before everyone else; we’ve found that the same thing holds true for both—the level of nervousness and anticipation is high.   Angela and Tony were no different.   There’s a level of anxiety in all of the planning and last minute preparation with any bride and groom.  Having gotten past the uncertainty of whether or not the Dallas sky would open up, the day turned out to be bright and sunny.   The backdrop of the Dallas Arboretum couldn’t have made a more beautiful setting for the two of them to share their vows in front of family and friends; however before we could get to that part, they chose to take a moment for themselves—their first look.

Escorted by her father, he and Angela walked hand in hand through the Botanical Gardens toward her husband to be as passersby looked on admiring her beauty. 

With the help of his brother, Tony anxiously awaited seeing his bride for the first time.  I couldn’t help but smile at his excitement, as he stood there visibly giddy in his own way.  Even after his brother stepped away as the human blindfold, he paused to take in all of her beauty.  Here’s a sneak peek into the day.   Check back to see more images from the day and evening festivities coming soon.