The Dress

When it comes to picking your wedding dress this can either be a joyous or stressful experience.  Let’s face it ladies. We put a lot of effort and thought into our daily wardrobe and making certain that when we step out of the door to face the world, that everything is well put together—on most days.  For some it’s a major production just to get out of the door every morning.  However, that’s not to say that there aren’t some of you who can make a decision in a whim and move on.  Yet on your wedding day, whether you’re the casual girl or are dressed to the nines daily, there’s something about the wedding dress that seems to change things.

On your wedding day, this is the one day above all others that so much effort is placed into making certain that everything is immaculate – hair, nails, make-up, jewelry, shoes and the dress.   Deep down, regardless of what anyone else may think, what you’re going for is the WOW factor when the groom first lays his eyes on you as you walk down the aisle.  So who will you take with you on your search? 

With so many styles of dresses and veils and just as many retailers that provide wedding gowns, the process can become daunting.  This can be a very emotional time, so there’s nothing like having a trusted loved one with you, whether it’s your mom, favorite aunt or long time girlfriend.  What’s most important is having someone there who knows your style but can also give you positive feedback on the dress in a loving manner.  Many brides have shared that they went into the process with a specific style in mind, but after trying on several dresses and with the support of their family and friends, they found themselves making a different decision.  Yet one thing that stood out as consistent among the brides, is that when the perfect dress was adorned and they saw themselves for the first time in the full-length mirror, they became emotional because it further solidified that it is real. 

Our dress tip: Rome wasn’t conquered in a day, so your dress decision doesn’t have to be either.  Don’t settle for a dress that you’re not happy with if at all possible. Why? When you are happy with your attire, even in your every day life, it shows in how you walk, talk and present yourself.  Present your best self by not settling.  This is your day and whether you chose traditional, vintage or couture, you want to make certain that the dress only enhances what you already are – beautiful!

We absolutely loved how stunning Lacey Traylor looked in her gown.  The form and detail of the gown accentuated her beauty and she not only captivated the heart of her groom, but of the wedding guests as well.